Tritech Water Technologies Pte Ltd

Wastewater Pretreatment Equipment

We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of Wastewater Pretreatment Equipment in Singapore. Our range of comprises KLAF Dissolved Air Flotation Tank, KLCS Rotary Coarse Screen, KLF Media Filter Tank, KLJF Screw Type Dewatering Device, KLR Rotating Drum Screen, KLRS Rotating Drum Solid-Liquid Separator, KLS Fine Screen and KLXB Water Decanter. All our devices are based on advanced technology and are exemplary for the engineering work that has gone into their designing and manufacturing. For the same reason we are ranked among the most reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Wastewater Pretreatment Equipment in Singapore.

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KLCS Rotary Coarse Screen

Our KLCS Rotary Coarse Screen is extensively used in various Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Singapore. Packed with advanced features that provide automatic control, this wastewater pretreatment equipment makes the separation of impurities simpler and quicker. Its integral structure makes the installation and operation very


KLS Fine Screen

Our KLS Fine Screen is perfect for removing minor non-sticky fibrous and particulate matter from the wastewater. We are a Manufacturer and Supplier that offers KLS Fine Screens in several model to meet the diverse requirements in the industries. This machine has been designed to be completely free from issues such as clogging


KLJF Screw Type Dewatering Device

Our KLJF Screw Type Dewatering Device is a revolutionary product and has been widely used in wastewater treatment facilities. It has a hanging piper structure; the dewatering device body is fabricated using stainless steel. There’s a sieve net in the body that filters the water extracted from material fed inside and the


In our KLF Media Filter Tank, we use anthracite or quartz sand as the filter material. When water is pressurized and forced through the filters, the suspended solid impurities are separated easily and quickly. This is a low volume, low cost equipment that is easy to operate and involves no special maintenance.


KLXB Water Decanter

Our KLXB Water Decanters are far superior to any ordinary water decanter in Singapore; they are intelligent. Loaded with advanced features, this device is excellent in discharging the supernatant in SBR reaction tank. We have designed our Water Decanter with electronic actuators for strong adaptability of operational speed.


KLAF Dissolved Air Flotation Tank

Our KLAF Dissolved Air Flotation Tank efficiently separates the suspended pollutants from the wastewater.  It is capable of removing solids, gelatinous substance and oil from domestic and industrial wastewater so as to prepare it for further stages of treatment. KLAF Dissolved Air Flotation Tank features a simple


KLR Rotating Drum Screen

We are a reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of KLR Rotating Drum Screen in Singapore. Our KLR Rotating Drum Screens have a compact structure which makes it easy to install them and also they occupy less space. Loaded with advanced features, our Rotating Drum Screen are simple to operate and carry out efficient pretreatment of


KLRS Rotating Drum Solid-Liquid Separator

We manufacture and supply KLRS Rotating Drum Solid-Liquid Separators that are widely used in solid-liquid separation of industrial wastewaters. The horizontal cylinder structure of the machine makes it a very reliable device in which there are no issues of clogging and corrosion. The design facilitates easy cleaning. The