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Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Membrane

Our Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Membranes are rated among the most advanced Water Treatment Solutions in Singapore. After extensive research and development, we have manufactured Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Membranes that have compact design and low energy consumption. They are very efficient in purification of water and are widely used in pretreatment of seawater, drinking water purification, surface water purification and many other applications. Long life, easy maintenance and superb performance make our Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Membranes one of the best Water Treatment Solutions.


Broad range of application for the treatment of water and wastewater from :

  • Pretreatment for seawater RO or NF desalination
  • Drinking water purifi cation
  • Surface water purifi cation
  • Ground water purifi cation
  • Municipal wastewater/effl uent water purifi cation and reuse
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water recycling and resource recovery

PoraMax™ UF hollow fi ber membrane features

  • High performance : High and stable permeate fl ux and excellent separation capability at low operating pressure.
  • High reliability : Narrow pore size distribution guarantees excellent treated water quality. Careful selection of membrane materials provides exceptional chemical compatibility and durability with enhanced tolerance to cleaning chemicals.
  • High mechanical : strength Membrane is made tougher to abate breakage under harsh environment.
  • Long lifespan : Longer service life reduces maintenance and replacement frequency.


Module Type STMUF0909I/O STMUF1615I/O STMUF2215I/O STMUF2220I/O STMUF2515I/O
Membrane Membrane Area, Inside-Out Confi guration^ m2 6.5 25 33 45 40
Membrane Area, Outside-In Confi guration^ m2 8 30 40 55 48
Fiber ID/OD mm Please refer to individual specifi cation sheet for further details
Pore Size μm 0.01 – 0.08 (depending on membrane material and customer requirement)
Operating Condition


Filtration Mode   Inside-Out / Outside-I
Designed Flux, Inside-Out Confi guration* m3/d 4.5-14 18-55 24-75 32-102 29-92
Designed Flux, Outside-In Confi guration* m3/d 3-21 11-82 15-113 20-153 17-138
Max. Transmembrane Pressure (TMP) Pa 300
Operation Temperature oC 10 - 40
pH Range **   1 - 12
Material Membrane Material   PVDF , PS , PVC , PAN
Module Material   uPVC
Potting Material   Epoxy/Polyurethane Resin
Connection Pipe Connection   DN25 DN40, Air inlet G3/8
Module Dimensions


Length, a mm 1000 1500 1500 2000 1500
Diameter, b mm 90 160 225 225 250

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