Tritech Water Technologies Pte Ltd

Reverse Osmosis Water System

We have established ourselves as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Reverse Osmosis Water System in Singapore. This Reverse Osmosis Water System offers a consistent and stable water supply without minimal fluctuations in the change of raw water quality. Fully automated, this Reverse Osmosis Water System has 80% recovering capacity.  


  • High quality product water with as low as conductivity < 10 µscm,
  • Much higher salt removal efficiency
  • Consistent and stable water quality, less fluctuation due to changes in raw water quality
  • High recovery, up to 80%
  • Fully automated 


  • Production of pure drinking water, production of pure water used in beverage, beer, alcohol, milk and health supplements in food industry.
  • Drinking water treatment for areas with high fluoride, high hardness or high salinity water.
  • Pure water for use in car and household electronics lacquering, glass coating and cosmetics.
  • direct drinking water for communities and high-end residential areas
  • drinking water for large enterprises and institutions

Specification : Requirement of raw water - Total dissolved solids (tds) < 800mgl, turbidity