Tritech Water Technologies Pte Ltd

Main Activities

Membrane Innovation
  • State-of-the-art membrane fabrication technology developed based on in-house R&D
  • Excellent membrane performance
  • Alternative materials for superior quality products yet low cost in production
  • In-house design of membrane module products that match and outperform competitors’ products.

Membrane Related Product Innovation
  • The membranes produced are used for integration into high quality water production for large scale purposes. Customized design for applications to be used in respective industries.
  • Marine/off shore desalination plant for drinking water
  • Waste water treatment : Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  • Continuous membrane filtration (CMF)
  • Drinking water reverse osmosis (RO) system
  • Ultrapure water EDI treatment : Semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries
  • Ceramic membrane treatment plant : Textile effluent removal and oilfield water treatment pilot plant

Environment Product Innovation
  • As a leading player in Environmental & Water Quality Monitoring, TriTech has been providing Mission Critical Real-time Monitoring for environmental monitoring sector and till this date we have deployed more than 200 field-stations over 712 sq km in Singapore and are operating 24 hours for real time environmental monitoring applications.
  • TriTech Environment provides a comprehensive range of Front-end monitoring solutions (both standard field-stations & customized systems).

Wellness Product Innovation
  • Tritech Water Technologies produce Vavie Drinking Water as one of the cleanest water for consumption that help boosts healthy metabolic activity and improves elimination of unwanted wastes inside the body.
  • VaVie ALKALINE and PREMIUM Drinking Water ensure the best results for your healthy life.
  • The first product of its kind made in Singapore with high quality assurance in compliance with International ISO Standards which undergo four vital stages; Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ionizing and Mineralization Technology.
  • The entire technology used in the manufacturing of VaVie drinking water can be scaled down to a simple household consumer product called VaVie Water Dispensers. The users can now enjoy the benefits of VaVie drinking water from the VaVie Water Dispensers.

Manufacturing Process Design
  • TriTech optimizes the manufacturing process design to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution on using these membranes for exceptional treated water quality.
  • The process design along with the equipment machineries used are carefully analyzed for the preparation of membrane to make sure that it possesses the desired qualities such as high durability, ability to withstand harsh environments, reduced maintenance and longer life span.

Membrane Related Products

Membrane Related Products