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Group Companies

TriTech Water & Environmental Group
  • A leading water and environmental solutions provider, specializing in the manufacture and supply of membranes, membrane-related products, environmental monitoring products; and providing integrated engineering design and construction services.
  • TriTech Water & Environmental Group has undergone a series of M&A and restructuring as well as a USD 30 million investment to set up a TriTech Membrane Manufacture Base which spans across 40,000m2 in QingDao, Shandong Province, PeopleĆ¢€™s Republic of China.

TriTech Water Institute
  • TriTech Water Institute is the R&D centre to develop new concepts for existing and new products.
  • It maintains a strong R & D momentum through continuous innovation and development, via a first-class R & D team that closely follows the world trend of technology.

Tritech Water Technologies
  • TriTech Water Technologies is the Product Development and Innovation Centre where the research concept after going through product design and detail engineering evolves into a complete product.
  • Our VaVie water products are developed from the innovation pool of TriTech Water Technologies.
  • Some of its important activities are :
    • Product Development: Responsible for product formulation design and membrane module design.
    • Process Optimization: Responsible for process optimization in the production process.
    • Performance Testing: Responsible for testing and inspection of product performance.
    • Applied Research: Responsible for product market prospects and applications research.

Tritech Qingdao Membrane Industry Co.
  • TriTech Qingdao Membrane Industry Co. is a single manufacturing base that consists of five independent factories which spans across 40,000m2 in QingDao, Shandong Province, PeopleĆ¢€™s Republic of China.
  • It provides the most comprehensive range of membrane and membrane related products and other environmental related products.
  • Our TriTech Membrane Manufacturing Base has 5 independent factories.
    • Factory 1 : Manufacturing of Hollow Fibre Membranes and Membrane Modules.
    • Factory 2 : Manufacturing of Bottled Alkaline Drinking Water, Dispensers and Emergency Water Bags
    • Factory 3 : Manufacturing of Flat sheet Membranes and Membrane Modules
    • Factory 4 : Manufacturing of Membrane Related Products
    • Factory 5 : Manufacturing of Environment Monitoring Products

TriTech Group

TriTech Group